Site History - 2005

All pictures are now controlled by a database. New functionalities are now available like the possibility to leave a message. Albums for Taiwan and Hong Kong are available. New picture galleries:
Paris & Eiffel Tower
Paris - Eiffel Tower
Flora - June
Flora - June
Polesden Lacey - Sussex
Polesden Lacey
Polesden Lacey - Rose Garden
Polesden Lacey
I'm back from a 3 weeks trip in Taiwan. On the way back, I stopped in Hong Kong for a long week-end. As a result, I'm bringing back nearly a thousand new pictures that now need to be sorted and/or arranged before being posted on this site. The following location were visited : Ilan, Taroko, Central Cross Island Highway, Yushe, Sun Moon Lake and Alishan for Taiwan, Kowloon, Hong Kong & Lama Islands in Hong Kong. Here is the first album dedicated to Wenwu Temple in Sun Moon Lake.

I have also been working on a number of new panoramic compositions (25+). Alishan, famous for it's sunrise was an ideal location. Sunsets are not bad either but it appears that taiwanese people do not care about it. Those will be inserted in future albums.
March 2005. South East England had a number of snowy days. Here is the effect on some Sussex lanscapes. Beachy Head, The Long Man, Ditchling Beacon. This is the first album based on pictures done with my new camera, a Minolta A200.

Cornish panoramic compositions have been rebuilt using PT Gui / Gimp for an enhanced result. Old compositions created with 360 from Ulead are still available for comparison.

Eden Project
Eden Project

2 albums about Taiwan are added. The pictures are coming from a travel done in 1999. The first one, Taipei & Taroko is described in english. The second one is about a 800 km trip across the island on mountain bike . Finally, a map is created.

Taipei 800 km around Taiwan Taiwan
Taiwan - New albums

Also available, updated maps of Northern and Southern England, and a new map of Cornwall .

Cornwall Northern England South East England
Map of England

Several pictures replaced in the following albums: Cambridge, Bath Waterloo place - London.

Waterloo Place Waterloo Place
Waterloo Place - Before and after optimisation
February :
Good news from I'm now allowed to use up to 1 Gb to store this site. It used to be 100 Mb. I'm finally able to add some new contents. Around 40 new pictures are available:

Around a cornish cottage.


The album dedicated to Bedruthan Steps album is now splited from Padstow album.
New pictures added to Brighton album, especially regarding damaged pier suring summer 2004. New album available for Eastbourne with pictures taken during the Airbourne show.


4 pictures added to Greenwich album.
Wakehurst & walled garden 6 new pictures, especially flowers


After specific albums dedicated to flowers and Trees, here comes a new album on "mushrooms" !