Site History - 2004

The site has around 30000 visits since available. 30 visits were recorded daily at the beginning of the year. In December, the average is around 200.
Illuminations de NoŽl dans le Sussex

New maps are available for London and Barcelona to allow the selection of a touristic place

London Barcelona
There is now around 1100 pictures on the site which is now close to the 100 Mo allowed.
80 photos are panoramic and are available in three galleries:

Pano Gallery N#1 - Pano Gallery N#2 - Pano Gallery Cornwall.

The links page has been updated.
End of April:
One week in Cornwall, South West England. Around ten albums are added leading to 150 new pictures including 18 panoramic compositions.
Stone Row - Bodmin Moor
Stone Row - Bodmin Moor
Cornwall - North Coast
Cornwall - North Coast
Mid of April:
Pictures of Taiwan are finally available ! Around Hsinchu, Kenting and Kaohsiung. 80 new pictures about this mostly unknown part of the world.

Another trip in London (16 new pictures) and 2nd visit of Cambridge (12 new pictures). All albums are now available
Trinity College - Cambridge
Cambridge - Trinity College
The following albums, Greenwich and London by night are available. 13 panoramic compositions have been realised using PTgui.
Millenium Dome
Millenium Dome
Thames Barrier

End of January 04
You can now have a look at all the pictures. Some comments however are still to be added.

Chinese new year was celebrated on 25th in London. Celebrations were taking place in Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square and China Town. Some pictures in a newly added album

You can also leave your message here.
Mid of January 04
The map of London is updated.

Visit of Greenwich, East of London. The town has a number of places of interest including Isle of Dogs, the Millenium Dome, the Thames Barrier...

Millenium Dome
Millenium Dome
January 04
META data have been introduced in the different pages. Web robots are starting to reference this site and the number of visits is now increasing.
Some modification were done on slideshows which should be quicker to load.