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SlideshowLondon - 1st Slideshow (45 pix)

Slideshow starting from Westminster...

SlideshowLondres - 2 nd Slideshow (18 pixs)

London, under a grey day...

SlideshowThe British Museum (30 pix)

The British Museum & the National History Museum

SlideshowLondon Bridge - The Tower of London (16 pix)

Pictures from the first two slideshows but dedicated to London Bridge.

SlideshowFountains Abbey (32 pix)

Fountains Abbey, Studley Royal Garden & night views

SlideshowHoward Castle (18 pix)

A castle from the XVIII century surrounded by 400 hectares of landscape...

SlideshowBrighton (16 pix)

London by the Sea...

SlideshowCanterbury (13 pix)

Around the cathedrale...

SlideshowNymans Garden (36 pix)

Some magnificient gardens all year long...

SlideshowSheffield (21 pix)

Some wonderful garden, especially designed for autumn...

SlideshowRye (17 pix)

Slideshow about Rye village combined with Scotney garden...

SlideshowFlowers (43 pix)

Spring / Summer / Autumn, flowers for all seasons.

SlideshowThe Doors (9 pix)

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